Paint Repairs

Paint Repair

We can repair paint that is chipped,torn, broken, cracked,etc. We prime, sand, and match the vehicle's color with precision. Our Full Auto Paint service is reliable and affordable. Whether you want to upgrade the look of your vehicle, repair the damage during a collision or refresh the look of your older car, then we can help you with your auto painting needs. Our expert technicians can perfectly match the color of your car.

Plastic bumpers don’t always need to be replaced when damage occurs! Instead they can be saved with innovative auto reconditioning techniques. Our experienced technicians can repair scuffed,scratched, dented, detached, and torn bumpers for much less than the cost of replacement. Prices start at $199 per bumper.

Paint correction is a term that is now commonly used by both professional car detailers and car cleaning enthusiasts worldwide to describe the process of restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork of a vehicle, mostly through the elimination of surface imperfections, that dull,oxidize, or haze the surface by reflecting light off in various directions, therefore detracting from a true and proper, clean, sharp, reflection. These imperfections include things like swirl marks & fine scratches, bird dropping etching & acid rain etching, holograms & buffer trails, and random isolated deep scratches. Prices start at $175.